Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sibyll Kalff (91)

-black rose tattoo-

-my myoms 1-

-my myoms 2-

Blue Haiku
by Mike Marino

Charlie Parker played the blues, Janis Joplin sang the
blues, with rhythm, so blue blues, jeans are blue, eyes
are blue and skies are blue. Some name their dogs ol'
Blu, and Sinatra was old eyes of blue. Seas are blue,
moods are blue, berries are blue, spring however, is
new, not blue. Hues are blue and the news is blue,
even chimney flues can be blue. Food is blue, at
times, if not red, and sad is blue. Few are blue, I am
blue, you are blue, BLUE IS!

Kerouac wrote the blues, road blues, highway blues,
and highway booze. Keseys cuckoo's nest flew, one was
blue and flew over the blue to the other side, green.
Haikus are blue, 17 sylable blues, or 17 sibyll blues,
a beautiful hue, her blue.

World War Two was blue, all war is blue. Whales are
blue, some, and art can be blue and paint can be blue.
Life and death are blue, and shirts are blue. Pirate
crews are blue on oceans blue. Flags are blue and
police are blue, cruel blue. Revolution is blue, Che
blue, Ho Chi Minh blue, Berlin Wall red then blue,
Fidel blue, Chicago Seven blue, Chechoslovakia blue,
Hungary blue, Gdansk blue, Tianamen Square blue, Lenin
blue, Lennon blue, Marx, Karl and Groucho blue, Bessie
Smith the Queen blue, Robert Johnson the King blue,
jazz is blue, fusion is blue, hearts are blue, true is
Blue Is.....