Monday, December 2, 2013

Laura Weixelbaum (158)

-Hoc est signum Corpus Meum/ (This is my body) / Paper, Acrylics 100cmx 70 cm (3 pieces)-
A triptichon from my uncovered body, without skin and hair.

-Outlet of Body Trash / Wood, oil, Acrylics, tempera, 150 cm x 100 cm- 
Heads are looking for their body, the bodies lay like trash, what can be disposed of.

-Female Chains Triptichon / Photo - 
 From the "I hate my body" series. Chains are tying my body down, saying 'be a good girl and shut up'.

-Suburban/ wood, oil, acrylics, tempera, 150cm x 100 cm-
How persons try to bear roles imposed by society.

-Vulnerability / wood, mixed technique, 100 cm x 70 cm-
Even I'm a dominatrix, I'm still vulnerable and tied.

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