Monday, August 29, 2011

Siglinde Kallnbach (129)

Siglinde Kallnbach's Performance during the Opening of her Solo Exhibition at Ludwig Forum for International Art Aachen/Germany 2008/9

Link to Siglinde Kallnbach's international lifelong
"a performancelife"- project (since 2001):
empathy and solidarity for people suffering from cancer.

a performancelife-e. V. on fb

Siglinde Kallnbach

Monday, August 22, 2011

Amanda Rossmiller (128)

eternal expanse of white
stretches below
belly of a fish,
fitted under fat, pale bosoms
scored with deep blue veins
like a fine cheese
shoved in a shadowy corner
of la fromagerie

once ripened in youth
bursting with nectar tastes
sweet in the mouth of young
as the fruit wrinkles
then puckers
when flies start to gather

plant saplings in thick, moist
found below,
honeysuckle me home

©Amanda Rossmiller

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Giustina Surbone (127)

Venus of Willendorf, oil on canvas 66"x44"

Ravaged, oil on canvas 32.5"x 26.5"

Eye of the Beholder, oil on canvas 60"x 44"

Giustina writes:

i am fat. i am thin. i am hurt. i am hiding. i am starving. i am dependent. i am self-medicating. i am out- of- control. i am obsessed with my body. i am repulsed when i look in the mirror. i am a distortion of myself. i am young. i am fecund. i am lush. i am round. i am soft. i am the object of your desire. i am powerful. i am a vessel through which life flows. i am the madonna. i am a distortion of myself. i am old. i am sagging. i am drooping. i am bent. i am barren. i am crumbling. i am cemented. i am unrecognizable. i am lonely. i am sick. i am invisible. i am a distortion of myself. i am searching. i am strong. i am bright. i am vital. i am loving. i am joyful. i am gentle. i am compassionate. i am charitable. i am brave. i am worthy. i am trustworthy. i am old. i am young. i am fat. i am thin. i am gay. i am straight. i am sick. i am well. i am rich. i am poor. i am self-accepting. i am peaceful. i am at peace.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nina Sobell (126)

Baby, Chickey!, performance in 1982.
Photo by Chris Shearer.
For the video of this performance and other performances, click here.

From the Exhibition catalog Nina Sobell, at Gallery AREA 53, 2008
Curated by Evelin Stermitz:

In her performance art video Hey! Baby Chickey Nina Sobell appears nude playing with a raw cooking chicken. With a few simple manipulations, she eradicates the cultural distance between mother and woman as sexual being. Playing on the symbolic connection between food and sex, cooking is transformed into sexuality, but the involvement of the dead chicken pushes that sexuality towards bestiality and necrophilia. The scene is further complicated when the same chicken is given the role of baby. Sobell plays with the chicken, rocking it, holding it up by its arms as if teaching it to walk, and swinging it from breast to breast in what can only be described as a milking dance. This collapsing of the baby role with the chicken’s already established roles of dead animal, food material, and sexual object violates other taboos, including infanticide, cannibalism, and pedophilia.
Chris Straayer, Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies: Sexual Re-orientations in Film and Video, Columbia University Press, New York, 1996

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Janet Culbertson (125)

-the large one-
How I feel ...

-odalisk fat-
I am trying to see the addition of extra pounds as classic rather than problematical.
I use the Ingres odalisque pose.

-In between-

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evelin Stermitz (124)

experimental performative video
loop / total time 00:01:00:00
Sound by Elise Kermani, Ear Music, 2001.
Performance and Video by Evelin Stermitz.
(click image to view video)

Textual structures on body fragments as inscriptions on the female body of metaphorical injuries by rape violence are merging into an image of speechless suppression by male supremacy. Rape remains as a silent terror and global transgression, as a silent field of unspoken reality, because the afflicted women are broken.

This video work is created for FemLink The International Video Collages, on the collage theme of 'Aggression' for the year 2010.

video performance
3 channel video
total time 00:09:25:00
Performance, Sound, Video by Evelin Stermitz.
Special credits to Nina Sobell for access to her studio.
(click image to view video)

The ritualised cutting of a white band wrapped around the body symbolizes the metaphoric disposal of inner and outer bonds as restrictions in an internal monologue. The woman can be seen as a gift as well as a captive. The white band describes muted halcyon segues flowing in a void space.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cade Pemberton (123)

6 x 3.5 foot acrylic work on paper, 2011.

Cade writes:

The Nude speaks to the power and vulnerability of women and the debate over weight as beautiful or a curse.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Carol Radsprecher (122)

Carol writes:

I have always needed to use visual representation of the female body—my body—in my work. When I was a young woman, my particular body shape was a popular one in my culture (American). As my body has aged (and continues to age – no reversing this process!), its shape is not so conventionally appealing. Stage 1 breast cancer, diagnosed twelve years ago, did not result in any glaring—I use that word pointedly—changes to my body, but age is doing its whittling away, puffing up, slackening, firming, wrinkling or smoothing away…. I can live with it!