Monday, January 24, 2011

Catalina Uribe Percy (96)

They remain an unhappily married couple and next to her,
dad has another woman he has a child with.
Most of the time he lives with that other woman.

I live in three different places and none of them is my home.
And even if I have everything I ever wanted, I'm still filled with empty gaps ...

-Images from the project 'Patterns'-

Catalina writes:

Patterns is a project in which I have been working on for about three years, it is a series of three illustrated books that narrate family stories based on both sociological and anthropological investigations and personal experiences. They all basically comment on the dynamics of the coastal-Colombian family and how the patterns that I follow and the men I normally like are a product of my grandmother’s and subsequently my mother’s history of having absent father figures and how this absence resulted in them choosing life partners that make emotionally unavailable husbands who go on to become absent fathers themselves. These three book take the form of a babushka doll (one book goes into the other) to portray the concept of familiarity and motherhood. My grandmother carried my mother, and my mother carried me.