Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jackie Skrzynski (121)

drawings from the hybrids series

Jackie writes:

I began making these drawings as I started my marriage and family. Strange as it may sound, they helped me calm down about the fears I had regarding labor and motherhood. In fact, these drawings helped me persevere as an artist and see what I was doing in a larger context. The hybrids recast creatures from myths and folklore into contemporary archetypes for the modern family. Emerson’s advice to “first be good animals” suggests a respect for what civilized life so often ignores. I am, after all, an animal. The figures may be mistaken for a quasi-sexualized freak show, but intend to reveal a more complex metaphor. For example, the absurdity of the reclining nude cum sow pokes fun at the notion of ‘supermom.’ The woman is erotic, deformed, a goddess and a pig.

Saturday, July 2, 2011