Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emma-Kate Guimond (98)


-Milk mamma-


Emma-Kate writes:

big titty mama milky explores the archetype of the Great Mother in Her various aspects filtered through my personal psyche to create a sort of florid dreamscape of pop-up idiosyncratic symbology. The multi-layered work composes an aesthetical dimension that is at once cartoony, DIY, primordial and new age. The first aspect of the work is a series of small dolls. Made from conceptually rich materials such as hair, bugs, stones, felt and lace, the dolls refer to the feminine practices of craft, fashion and witchcraft. Modeled after Paleolithic and Neolithic sculptures, each doll exhibits primary symbols that engender our experience of Mother. Each figure is an expression of my own feminine archetypes and my potential to embody within my being the power of the Mother. I have imbued within each of them a character informed by their physical composition - their bodies, as well as their archetype.

Here are the biographies of the dolls:

-Auntie is a trickster who teases and brings chaos to all that is logical. She is the menace of the unknown. Her face is a drawing of my god mother and auntie, Francine who I consider to be a trickster herself. She is made from my hair, mylar and pencil drawing.
-Milk mamma is the symbol of nutrition. From within her vessel she bears unto her children the milk for growth and transformation. As she is faceless, she is purely this.... rock, button, thread, pillow stuffing, mylar and pencil crayon...
felt marker.
-Pocketmom is the perilous snatch. Large body and small face, she may swallow you whole... hair, felt, thread, mylar drawing with pencil.