Friday, January 21, 2011

Claire Jackson (95)

Claire adds:

The two illustrations were created during a period where i felt overwhelmed with worry about my mum who had cancer, my thoughts seemed to be constantly consumed by the cancer even though i was not the one who was ill. These images represent the amorphous almost parasitic nature of cancer on my mind and how it almost took over and occupied my every thought. The first is entitled 'overwhelming thoughts of cancer' and the second is titled 'cancer on my mind', the third image is a biomorphic abstract sculpture called bio poddlings, created from a smart plastic known as polycaprolactone or polymorph. This sculpture was created at the same time that I knew my mum was fighting cancer. I took it upon my self to research the microscopic images of cancer and other invasive viruses that take over the human body, etc and as well as microscopic images of the human body itself to create my abstract sculptures.