Monday, July 30, 2012

Elizabeth Cassidy (147)

Elizabeth writes:

These are 3 drawings I did of the female form. Someone had commented that my art looked like a vagina and at first I was a little stunned – was I really doing that? But then I realized that it is perfectly fine for me to show the parts of the women’s body that are beautiful. From that one email, I did a series of drawings in pastels or oil pastels. Two are of the body and I like how strong they looked – strong, powerful thighs that are holding us up. And then I am attaching the drawing of the vagina that I did for the woman who first noticed that my drawings were paying tribute to women.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kumi Yamashita (146)

 (2011 H40, W30, D3cm Wood panel, brads, single sewing thread)

Light & Shadow: City View
(2003 H250, W500, D5cm Aluminum numbers, single light source, shadow Commissioned by Namba Parks Tower, Osaka Japan)

Light & Shadow: Akari
(2009 H90, W90, D15cm (Mother) H45, W45, D11cm (Child) Sculpted wood, single light source, shadow Perfe Takiyama Maternity Clinic, Tokyo, Japan) 

Kumi Yamashita says:

"I am drawn to using the human form in my work because it's a subject matter of which we are all a part and which I find endlessly fascinating and mysterious."