Friday, January 21, 2011

Katie Cassolino (93)

Katie writes:

My work is a collection of drawings and paintings on paper narrating body as a subject and repeated theme. The drawings suggest exaggerated flowers and growing figures in surreal landscapes. The work consists of intuitive line drawings that create clusters of organic fragments. As physical beings we are constantly evolving in ways that are both inexplicable and understood. Much like the mysteries of our complicated biochemical make up, these drawings explore surreal biomorphic forms. Through ambiguous lighting and patterns that suggest growth, these drawings serve a result of my moving meditation. As an installation they create a world that lets us transcend to the place, which we are closely connected and mysteriously unaware, our bodies. This work is about our world, our bodies, and the possibilities for growth. Life can be found in the whimsical spirit of objects and nature. These works are a personal interpretation of that.

Currently I have been working on a body of works on paper creating images of biomorphic surreal landscapes. In my last exhibition I have installed a grouping of 62 drawings from the last three years all created around the time of my diagnosis as a diabetic. Some created intuitively through premonition and others powered by angst of an illness inside I was aware of.