Monday, January 18, 2010

Lina Eve (10)

-Lush Kate-

Lina writes:

I'm an Australian artist and photographer, and have many images of women. The one I'm sending you is of a friend called Kate, who I photographed a few years back. She's since died of stomach cancer, but she was such a glorious woman and totally adored by her guy right to the end. We called this shot, "Lush Kate."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Juliette Verberk (9)

45 x 120 cm
acrylics on hardboard

Juliette writes:

I use just normal everyday things to construct my images. Obviously my own female body is part of that and I use it or parts of it in a mix with other common objects. By mixing those different normalities, I try to construct an image that creates it's own reality, slightly different than ours.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zoe Hiigli-Self Portraits (8)

Once there was a DJ named Zoe...

happy place
 when a problem comes along, you must whip it


i dont mind the rain

last night, i realized...

love yourself

i dont wanna leave
 parallel lines

and I feel pretty, pretty enough for you...
new years dress

Zoe writes:

I think every woman should have beautiful pictures of herself... naked and clothed. I have found so much power in myself through my self portraits.

Tamar Kasparian (7)


Tamar writes:

These are paintings I made with my hair. I made these paintings last year when my 17-year relationship with a man ended. They're about love, sex, memories in my body but also about something that my body has never lived (having a child)."

A description of Tamar Kasparian's work:
"Creating, not to know who one is, but may be what or who one is becoming. Tamar's drawings and paintings are an experimental description of a mutation. What or who are we during this endless process? Growing into an organic structure, whose roots disperse while having a great hold on the earth, a living being, serene like a tree, with a sharp contour but whose inner nature seethes, an empty space marked with the stamp of an absent one. Strange feeling of aspiration and of dizziness born from this emptiness, and strange feeling opposite and also vigorous of fullness, abundance, intensity, when the background of the paintings fills the existing space and transforms it in a matrix of energies.”

Anki King (6)


-Lullaby I-II-III-

These paintings are part of a series you can see here. Some of the pieces of that series will be part of a 2-women exhibit named "Naked" at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in MA in November 2010.