Monday, October 28, 2013

Janelle Fine (157)

-"Girl 1," "Girl 2," and "Girl 3"-

Iulia Morcov (156)

Iulia writes:

I believe in the fact that our body is the reflection of our soul. I believe the soul knows everything long before the mind can figure some small thing by itself. I also believe that in the approach of the body there is always a spiritual implication of some sort. The happiness, the losses, the relation with ourselves and with others, the memories we have, the marvellous events of life, the fears, the abuses, the bruises, these are the things our body is made of. So in my works I'm trying to grasp this connection between the decline of the physical (an injury of the flesh for instance) and what is hidden inside our soul such as a deeper psychical wound...

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Elif Sezen (155)

-from the series 'drawings of the nocturnal', pen on paper- 

Her body is a forgotten temple
tinkling with silence every hour
of the day

every century she remembers 
herself in a different body 

every night she inhales the molecules
of brown dwarfs —idle failed stars

yes…when the night decides to fall
only then

she remembers… 

©Elif Sezen