Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ellen Schippers (117)

-3 images from 'beauty'-

-silent cry-

Life performance 'beauty' at the women in paradise festival 2007, performer: Jeannette Legger

Impression of the exhibition Frauensehnsucht (2010) at Loods 6, Amsterdam. The second edition of a triptych about gender.

Ellen's statement:

Ellen Schippers is a multi-disciplinary artist, who combines wearable sculptures, performance, dance, music, light and poetry in theatrical video-installations. She creates a “fantasy” world that is continuously bursting at the seams.
Her work is about gender, like stereotypical male and female images, ideals of beauty and about the contradiction between image versus authenticity. Schippers strips fixed images by inflating and deconstructing them and reveals the authentic emotions that are hidden behind these selfmade images.