Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jeannine Bardo (103)

-Eve, Not of Adam -
Life Size. Paper Mache form with birch bark veneer,
birch seeds and naturally forming lichens, 2009

Jeannine writes:

My fascination with the human body, inside and out, informs my aesthetic. I find the sculpting process to be a constant dialogue. An experience with intuition, what cannot be seen, only felt and the physical. My work stems from how I find connections with myself, the human race and the world around me. Each work is not only a study of form, but a spiritual and emotional study as well. I use the female form to highlight our connection to the organic world and I hope to challenge the viewer to reconsider the role of women, not as objects, but as strong, beautiful and vitally connected to the world we share. I use non-traditional materials to create traditional forms to lead the viewer to question the underlying meaning and to reconsider and hopefully appreciate the hand of the artist.

-Eve, Not of Adam- I considered so many things when I was making this sculpture. I wanted her to be beautiful and reverent. Throughout the entire art making process I considered the role of women on Earth and humankind's relationship with the Earth. Whereas, we once worshiped the Earth and heavens, we now worship material things and Gods who resemble us. I was pleased to find my sculpture becoming Everywoman. She is old, she is young, beautiful/disturbing, black/white, strong/vulnerable…The roles of women are changing, but still remain the same. We are the givers of life, the source of blame, adored, victimized, strong, weak … I feel like my sculpture encompasses all of this as well as connecting us to our source of life, our Earth.