Monday, August 23, 2010

Sejal Patel (58)

Red, Purple, and Blue (2003-2004)

Red, Purple, and Blue is a performance-based photo/video installation on the implications of color: culturally, socially, and psychologically. In Indian culture, red transforms the life of a girl, as she is surrounded by the color red on her wedding day, bringing her love, strength, prosperity, and welfare. Despite my American citizenship, as an Indian woman it is expected that I marry and the marriage be arranged. The concept of arranged marriage is not foreign to me, but its familiarity does nothing to limit the horror behind it. The progression from Red to Blue is a remedial realization of self and its capabilities after experiencing the absence of self and identity. I use the colors as a means to initiate a conversation. A conversation about my life’s dreams, fears, and confrontations. I see the three colors as shades of my different moods or the illustrations of my emotional stance through the different stages of my life.

Click RED to watch the video