Monday, August 30, 2010

Cristina Taniguchi (60)

-Dimension of fear-
80x180cm, oil on canvas, 2010


Crow. I get distance.
The clouds dark beyond timeless
Obliterated wishes.
I screw life.

Crow it is you I find
Hang yourself.
Do it for I cannot wait to see
Your eyes frozen
for a thousand times.
I keep denying life, for I …dead.

Crow. Dead I am for multi-cycles
of life span.
Fitted against oddities.
A lonely soul
Who dreams of timeless
Memory that consoles
No boundary of sanity

Crow. You could have accounted
the beginning of light and dark,
of the scariness of space,
of how it feels to float between ages,
and… the river of time.
My river of time goes here and now.

Crow. Nowhere could I set my feet
For there is nothing to grip.
If there was a soul it should be mine.
But on my own I comprehend that exit
is an illusion
My soul does not response against this

©Cristina “Kitty” Taniguchi