Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fotini Hamidieli (153)

-the body-

-over my shoulder-


Fotini writes: 

I will be undergoing a hysterectomy for benign tumors, inomyomata they are called.
I have been trying to rationalize the fear and one of the first things that I had to swallow was the violation of my skin, my belly which is flawless now, as flawless the belly of a 56 year old woman can be but still unscarred. And then it is the tearing away of organs which have been so vital to my being a mother.
My mind is kind of numb at the moment and I can't write or explain any better what is happening to me. In my mind's eye I keep seeing images of my uterus as it appeared in the magnetic tomography and the bulbs, pods and seeds which appear in my drawings are an attempt to illustrate my womb.