Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michelle DeMarco (54)

-self portrait from the series about caryatids-

Michelle writes:

I believe we are living in and through a growing, changing situation which opens up towards new possibilities and that is transformed as it develops. The process is part of the meaning making and most assuredly part of art making. We are not separate from our physical experience of life.
Here is a snippet from a series of work I did about caryatids: (harmony and creation)
In as much as I am a part of nature I can be consciously involved in this evolution, which is to say, in my own self definition and reconstruction. Through my direct connection to the earth I reclaim an intimacy with the mystery and find harmony in creation. Beauty exists through this harmony, it is in me and I am surrounded by it. Beauty is a greater sense of grace which calls me to lean in closer. Beauty is not a thing it is a conversation which includes the world I touch - the world where I live and work. It includes the human body, the earth body and the body politic and with this new definition is delivered a compassionate ethos. An ethos that remembers how we cherish each other and move into beauty.